Research your community and uncover hidden insights

Create web & mobile app and reach a deeper understanding of your audience with Refocus

We offer your team a full range of tools for conducting studies and creating communities
Web and mobile app for community
Create your web and mobile app designed to connect and engage communities
Engage your audience with Discussions, Surveys and Polls
Engage participants in a dynamic study experience through lively discussions, quantitative surveys, stimulating polls and exciting news updates!
Convenient moderation and Analytics
Discover an efficient approach to community moderation, reporting, and learning insights!
Design your own acivities
Create and design interactive activities for the participants: live discussions, quantitative and qualitative surveys, polls for deeper engagement.
Segment your participants
Segment the community participants according to defferent parameters and conduct activities for a certain group of participants
Create discussions for a more meaningful experience
Dive into lively discussions, share your issues, get comments and engage participants
Conduct surveys
Conduct quantative surveys: multiple-choice, alternative, numerical and others.
Organize a poll
Want to test an idea? Run a poll among the community participants
Give reward for paricipation
You can give points or money reward for participation in the activities
Download reports
The convenience of uploading reports in Excel and PDF formats allows you to use the data for your own operations or share them with external users
Friendly interface
We have developed an intuitive interface, which is easy to get used
Use integrationn
Adjust integration through API with the poin- or money-reward system you use to stimulate the participants
Short-term community
up to 100 participants
890 USD
Long-term community
up to 300 participants
290 USD / month
Long-term community
300 - 3 000 participants
590 USD / month
Long-term community
3 000 - 10 000 participants
990 USD / month
Keeping up
Fill in the form to keep up with the project. We will be happy to offer you special conditions when we launch the product
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